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Welcome to Solara Club. Solara provides investors the opportunity to allocate small, measured amounts of their critical, under-performing, tax sheltered retirement savings, into moderate risk / high return investments. What Investments are made by you, as an investor, when, how much and most importantly, into what Technology an investment is made, are always decided solely by you, the Investor, never for you by Solara. Solara does not pool funds and make the decision where the money goes, all decisions are Self Directed by the Investor. Each Investor is always in complete control of the placement of their own money. 

Solara provides a platform for small, young technology companies to get capitalized. Whenever Capital is raised for a Technology, a minimum investment to be raised is set and must be attained, before any funds advanced by Members, are released from Trust. The investments made by Members enable the Technology to commercialize its products and services and provide a stimulus to the economy by the purchase of materiel, the payment of wages and the acquisition of operational services. It is also then able, to pay a Fractal Income (click here for definition) from its gross revenue, to those who invested into it. Solara expects that the typical Fractal Income will provide a return, more in the historical range of returns, from 1960 to 2000. *** Solara does not guarantee any % of return. The Solara Club Membership fee, is the only expense charged to Members by Solara. If you are entitled to 12% (or higher) from Fractal Income, that is what you are paid, with no fees, levies, management expenses or other assessments administered against it. Ever!

Please Do Not Use Any Material From The Solara Website To Invest, Downloaded Previous To November 30th, 2015. Material Changes Have Been Made To The Business Plan And Offering Memorandum, Available Within The Members Only Area.    Solara

Click on the $300 Lifetime Membership. Use Discount Code "TECH" during the payment process, to get the Money Talks Special.

     * Lifetime Membership is free, subject to a $US14.95 Processing Fee.


Click on the $300 Lifetime Membership. Use Discount Code "TECH" during the payment process, to get the Money Talks Special


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