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Invest Through Your TFSA Accounts.

Tax and Security Regulations state that Self Directed, RRSP & TFSA accounts must be administered by a Registered Agent, with compliant Trust capacities, approved by the CRA and Provincial Securities Commissions. These Registered Agents operate as autonomous entities from Solara, and as such, rely upon certain fees and levies to provide their services. Solara does not receive any portion of the fees charged by the Registered Agents and has no capacity to alter, rescind, modify or discount those fees.

Solara's Registered Agent, Western Pacific Trust Company (WPTC) holds funds in Trust until the Minimum Placement has been achieved during the raising of Capital and also provides services for the creation and administration of Self Directed RRSP & TFSA accounts, to hold eligible investments.

You are under NO obligation to utilize WPTC services to set up Self Directed accounts.  However, WPTC has already approved the shares of Solara Fund Inc. for acceptance into the tax deferred plans for which they are trustee.  Should you wish to use funds in an existing registered plan RRSP, LIRA or TFSA for an investment in Solara, you may wish to open a self-directed plan with WPTC. You may then seamlessly transfer to your Registered Agent held account, funds from your already registered, existing accounts, so that the purchase of the Solara investment could be made and held within your self-directed, Agent's registered plan or TFSA.  Alternatively, you may elect to make a new contribution to your Registered Agent RRSP or TFSA for the purchase of the Solara investment.

The forms to open a WPTC account are contained in the links below. Solara has obtained its required Letter of Opinion of Tax Sheltered account eligibility, from an independent Legal Firm and we are now able to accept subscriptions and investment. Should you have any questions in connection with the completion of these forms, a Solara Administrator is available to assist you at: 

For those not wishing to use a self-directed tax deferred plan or TFSA for their investment, WPTC will hold any funds advanced, "In Trust For Solara", until the Minimum Placement is reached. The Registered Agent does not charge Solara Members any fee or service charge for the provision of the Escrow service within its Trust account, should the Minimum be met or not.

FIRST -  Print the OFFERING MEMORANDUM. Read it and understand the investment. Sign the Subscription Agreement and Risk Acknowledgement (RA) Forms at the end of the document. Scan the Subscription and RA Forms and submit with your completed Western Pacific Trust Company forms below.

TAX FREE SAVINGS ACCOUNT - Fill out each form, print, sign and scan the documents and email them to Solara will vet the documents and forward them to the Registered Agent or back to you if revisions are required.










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