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Why Become A Member?
  • Membership has its privileges

    • Membership is inexpensive - US$85.00 annually (about $0.23 per day) or choose a Lifetime Membership for US$300.00  

    • Solara Fund charges no Fees on Member's Investments - This greatly enhances returns from Solara Investments over conventional institutions

    • Solara Fund Investments have exceptional Return On Investment potential;

      • Invest how, where and only when you want to

      • Invest directly from your tax sheltered RRSP or TFSA or, if preferred, invest from outside your tax sheltered accounts

      • Members who invest are paid first, through a Fractal Income of 5% (typical) of the gross revenue of the companies in which they invest

      • Potential for Equity Growth in share value

      • Potential for Income through Dividends

    • Membership provides opportunities to invest in fully vetted, leading edge technologies

    • Review the due diligence process for projects that Solara has vetted

    • Participate in truly "Investment Ready" projects

      • Investment comes after the viability of the technology and its underlying business model have been substantiated

      • Small dollar per Unit sizes ($2,500 - $5,000) - specifically to enable the participation of smaller investors

      • Purchase one or more Units, or none at all. Maximum purchase is $25,000 per member per investment opportunity – specifically to preclude institutional investment

      • Security Unit certificates (comprised of 1,000 Preferred Shares paying a Fractal Income) are issued by Solara (through the Trust Company) to each Member who invests, for each Unit purchased

      • Minimum and Maximum placements for each project's issue

      • Funds are held in trust in your RRSP / TFSA or an independent trust account until Minimum Placement attained

      • No exposure of your funds until Minimum Placement is attained

      • All funds are returned without deduction, if Minimum Placement is un-attained

      • Funding of each project is designed so that it has no debt and its assets are unencumbered by third party collateralization

      • No over-subscriptions creating dilution

    • Interact with other Solara Club Members (Or don't, if you prefer)

      • Participate in Member only chat rooms, specific to projects that interest you

      • Discuss with others, your thoughts about projects

      • Get feedback from others about their impressions of projects

      • Develop Investment strategies

    • Solara technologies have beneficial societal impacts

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