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Fractal Income vs Dividend & Equity

A Fractal Income, is a specific percentage of the gross income of a company, paid to the shareholders of the company, before anything else gets paid. Fractal Income is apportioned (by ownership %) amongst the shareholders entitled to it and paid as a dividend, typically, 45 days after the end of each quarter.

As an example, if a company in which a Member has invested, generates $1,000,000 per month in "gross" revenue (revenue prior to payments for any expenses) and the Fractal Income is 5%, the Fractal Income paid would be $50,000 per month. The shareholders would be paid their proportionate share, 45 days after the end of each quarter. In a typical investment by a Member into a Solara Technology as described above, the Investor would be receiving $600 in annual Fractal Income, an annualized return of 12%, on an investment of $5,000. 

**Solara cannot guarantee that each, or any subsidiary company will generate an income of $12,000,000 per year, but Solara believes that it is a reasonable amount to use for purposes of an example of this nature. Additionally, regardless of the gross revenue being generated, whether it is higher or lower than the example, Solara Investors are always paid their proportionate share, before any other expenses. 

Fractal Income

    • Fractal Income is paid first, to those shareholders entitled, from gross revenue, ahead of all other expenses
    • Fractal Income is held separately from and is not commingled with the Corporation's operational funds
    • Fractal Income is paid as a dividend, hence, the income will not be taxable in the recipient's hands, if not paid into their tax sheltered account
    • Fractal Income (as a Royalty) has a history of viability in numerous industries
    • Fractal Income cannot be diluted by the sales of additional shares
    • When revenue goes up, so does the Fractal Income payment, if revenue goes down, so does the Fractal Income, but you still get paid your apportioned percentage, ahead of all other expenses
    • Potential to recoup investment and gain profit or to suffer a loss when selling the Security Unit comprised of the 1,000 shares.

Dividends & Equity
  • Dividends are paid last (if at all), from net, tax considered revenue
  • Paid after all other expenses
  • Paid after management decides it will actually pay out a dividend
  • Management can strip the profits (dividend) ahead of the shareholder's rights
  • Potential to recoup investment and gain profit or to suffer a loss when selling shares 
Investing in a Solara Project, affords a higher degree of certainty for a positive return because it provides the consistency of payments of the Fractal Income, still affords the potential for gain through equity growth of the Securities and provides the opportunity to participate in dividends when declared by the Board.

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