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Digital X-Ray

While most photography in the world has converted to digital, the medical practice of X-ray, outside of major urban centers, is still dominated (80+%) by the old technology of film and negatives.

Although many rural hospitals, clinics, dental offices and labs are interested in converting to digital, there are major problems to overcome. Expenses such as Capital cost, Renovations, Training and how to store and retrieve the digital images. A Radiologist and his partner have solved the problem of storage and retrieval. They have been operating successfully for over 6 years in a niche market and now have over 5,000 clients. The opportunity is for a new Company to License the technology and create a system to convert and finance the many thousands of hospitals, clinics and labs that are awaiting this technology’s commercialization. 

A significant secondary benefit exists in setting up a leasing program for the equipment and renovations. Such a leasing program would create several hundred million dollars of very secure, high yield debt.

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