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Thermography is a technology specifically designed to replace Mammograms. Mammograms are quite intrusive, often painful for women and have recently come under criticism for being less accurate that originally thought. The Thermography Machine uses cool, then warm air currents over the skin to prepare the skin for a crisp thermal image. A thermographic digital image is taken and the image is then analyzed, either onsite or by sending a digitized copy to an offsite Radiologist for a diagnosis. The surface temperature of the skin differs where a tumor, cyst, infection or vascular disease is present and is apparent on the image.

This test is much less intrusive than mammography and is pain free. The cost of the test is about half the cost of a mammogram and has proven to be much more accurate. The Company that developed the system, has a number of operating clinics and requires Enterprise funding to expand the business to its fullest. The opportunity is for a purchase of the technology along with the existing clinics and then to create a global network of distributors. A significant secondary benefit exists in setting up small owner/operator businesses in existing clinics, where need justifies the investment.

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