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Digitally Automated Lighting

This digitally controlled, power supply management system, is designed to minimize the use of electrical demand in commercial and office buildings. The system replaces the existing fluorescent lighting with computer controlled, digitally dimmed, lower wattage ballasts and bulbs. The computer controller provides each room with a personalized selection for light levels while the room is occupied and choices for light levels when the room is vacant. The new system saves over 50% of the electricity currently being used with the existing fluorescent systems that are the standard in hundreds of thousands of buildings throughout North America.

The most dynamic benefit however, is provided by the centralized computer software application. This system monitors the power demand level and automatically controls the electrical demand in the building by imperceptibly, selectively dimming certain non essential lights when peak demand increases. As utilities charge their customers based upon their "Peak" demand usage, the savings realized at the peak demand meter, will actually equal the savings in consumption. When central utility companies themselves are added into the solution, the central utility would be able to use the system to control the peak demand on their entire grid. The fiscal and logistical values of this are enormous.

The opportunity is for a new Company to License the technology from the Inventors and create a system to convert and finance the hundreds of thousands of office and commercial buildings that will benefit from being retrofitted with this system. 
A significant secondary benefit exists to create a leasing program for the equipment and renovations. Such a leasing program would create several hundred million dollars of extremely secure, high yield debt.

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