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The projects listed in the Opportunities menu, provide an overview of some of the types of new technologies that we currently have under review. We caution readers that the names of the Companies and people involved in the development of the technologies displayed have been omitted, as there are no formal acquisition agreements finalized with any of the technologies as yet.

You will notice however, that the technologies and Companies that we have outlined are conceptually, all very new. In most cases they have few or no product competitors in their market, they all have very large markets, they all deal with important societal problems and once launched, most would enjoy at the very least, a short term monopoly in their market.

Within the Members Only section, Solara will display both the technologies that are undergoing the due diligence process, (once that process is undertaken} and also companies that have been approved by the vetting process for acquisition by Solara funding and investment by Members, (once Solara has reached those milestones).


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