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Medical Sensors

Vital Signs Sensors, Empathetic Sensors

A Company has developed a series of sensor devices that monitor a person's vital signs or anxiety levels and send the results via Blue Tooth for analysis. The vital sign monitor is designed for elderly, disabled, infirm and other people requiring continuous health care vigilance. The sensors are designed to detect irregularities before they become apparent, even  to the patient. 

The system is programmed to report any irregularities to the assigned caregiver. This capacity for early detection enables the caregiver to take immediate corrective action. This assists in preventing more serious problems from arising should the condition remain undetected and potentially, become an emergency situation. 

The anxiety level sensor is intended for security purposes. This sensor can be installed in a turnstile or gate. If a person in an agitated state attempts to enter, security will be able to assess the situation and potentially intervene. This device is expected to be unobtrusively deployed in airports and public buildings where analysis is required of people being screened who may pose a threat.

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