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There are thousands of companies and people throughout the World, developing new innovative technologies, who are unable to attract adequate funding to finance the commercialization of their technology into marketable products and services. There are also millions of people throughout Canada, getting distinctly unsatisfactory returns on the hundreds of billions of dollars that they have collectively placed into their tax sheltered retirement savings. Historically, there has been no mechanism for the technologies to find the savers (potential investors), so virtually NONE of this money has been available to these technologies for investment. Neither the Investors nor the companies have been able to profit from the growth investment would create.

Solara provides the bridge between the technologies that need funding and people with Tax Sheltered savings. Solara believes that people will invest in new innovative technologies if they have a way of finding opportunities at an early stage in their development, verifying that both the technology and the underlying business model are sound and then potentially, participating in the funding of ventures that they select. 

Solara Club enables technology companies whose product or service has a clear, positive, relevant, societal impact, with the opportunity to attract Investors who want to invest in projects that have those attributes and will potentially, be extremely profitable for the Investor as well. Solara secures these innovative new technology opportunities and enters into agreements with the enterprise holders to vet their technology and business model's potential (due diligence). Solara also arranges an acquisition contract, to acquire the technology, should the due diligence process prove positive. On projects that pass the scrutiny of the Due Diligence process and Solara proceeds with, Members then have the opportunity to invest in those that they find appealing, while declining participation in any that they don't.

Solara Club Members can place a portion (as little as $2,500) of their tax sheltered retirement portfolio, into Solara projects. Investment through an RRSP or TFSA, potentially provides Investors with substantially enhanced performance within their tax sheltered accounts. Members are free to invest in any Solara project, from outside their tax sheltered accounts, as well.

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